Owner Operators


At Wynne we are always seeking new owner operators.

Below are the great benefits, requirements, and general information about being an owner/operator with Wynne.

If you are interested please fill our Driver Inquiry here or download our brochure here.



Multiple dedicated customers, OTR, regional and local liquid freight available.

Paid physical and drug screen (during orientation).

Direct deposit available.

Weekly Settlements.

In truck mobile scanning to ensure prompt payment at no charge.

100% of fuel surcharge paid.

Fuel cards available.

Fuel discounts at authorized fuel locations.

Pre-Pass available.

Paid scale Tickets.

Escrowed or use own base plates.

Electronic logging system.

Navigation included.

No installation or upfront purchase costs.

Physical damage and bobtail insurance available.

Deductible reimbursement available.

Workers’ compensation available.

National tire discount.

Discounts on labor rate at Wynne terminals.

Vendor discounts available.

Wynne pays all trailer maintenance fees.


Must meet all Federal Motor Carrier Safety requirements.

Must have a valid class A commercial drivers license with hazmat and tanker endorsements with no current license suspension/revocation.

Two years current experience in the operation of tractor/trailer equipment.

Must have a current annual DOT inspection.

Truck must pass Wynne appearance standards (Truck must look professional to customers).

Weight less than 19,000 lbs. with a half tank fuel.

Sliding 5th wheel plate.

Wheel base not to exceed 280 inches.

Stack height no more than 13’6″

PTO system for product pumps.

  • Wynne can quote and install a PTO system needed for truck(s). Installation and parts will be at contractors expense.


Bill of sale.

Heavy Vehicle Use Tax 2290.

Certified scale ticket.

Most recent copy of registration.

Proof of Bobtail Occupational Accident Insurance w/ deductible reimbursement.

Wynne Transport can provide base plates for the contractor or the contractor may supply their own. Any costs associated with Wynne licensing or permitting will be passed onto the contractor.

Licensing escrow account available for base plates and permits.

When using Wynne’s fuel card, fuel costs are deducted directly from weekly settlement.

Wynne pays 70% of the loads revenue to the owner operator.

All accessorial charges are paid 70% to the Owner Operator. Includes Detention/demurrage time.

100% of fuel surcharge.

Owner Operators/Contracts are subject to a reoccurring 90-day FMCSA inspection.

Discounted labor rates at Wynne terminals.

Discounted parts at Wynne terminals = subject to part type.

PTO installation estimated costs at Wynne Terminal.

You will have available to you $100 per week in advance using your T-Check card. All advances will be deducted from your settlement the following week. There is a $0.65 per transaction for using the cash advance process.

Quicker access to your money. You must fill out a direct deposit form for owner operators to start the process, which is required for payment from Wynne. (Note: There may be a two to three-week setup time.).


Wynne supplies liability insurance coverage at no cost to the contractor, other than for the following:

The following items are covered at a $5,000 deductible ($1,500 out of pocket expense after deductible reimbursement insurance), if found at fault.

  • Cargo claims/Spills.
  • Trailer damage claims
  • Property damage claims (other than tractor).

Contractors are required to supply the following insurance:

– Physical Damage Insurance

– Bobtail Insurance (non-trucking liability)

– Deductible Reimbursement Insurance

– Workers’ Compensation Coverage

Questions? Ask Us!  (402) 342-4001 or (800) 383-9330


Fuel Surcharge

The contractor Fuel Surcharge/Reimbursement Program is designed to reimburse owner operators for fuel costs that incur with normal business operation. On shipments utilizing Wynne’s fuel surcharge agreement the contractor is paid based upon the DOE Midwest average fuel price published weekly by the U.S. Department of Energy and is paid on all in-service loaded miles delivered during the following Sunday through Saturday. Some customers utilize their own fuel surcharge table, and in those cases the customers table supersedes Wynne’s table.

Fuel Prices

Charges to the contractor using the Wynne fuel card shall be at the seller’s retail price at the time of the purchase. Wynne is offered fuel discounts at several fuel network locations throughout the USA. Any discounts given from the contractors fuel purchase will be passed onto the contractor.

Fuel Purchases

The contractor is under no obligation, at any time, to purchase fuel at Wynne’s approved fuel stops or Wynne terminals and may purchase fuel from any source available to the contractors. There’s no transaction fees associated with fueling at Wynne terminals, Flying J and Pilot, all other locations will have a $0.50 transaction fee.

Fuel Deductions from Settlements

Fueling using the Wynne’s fuel card will be deducted from the weekly settlements. Fuel costs will be deducted with the trip associated with the fuel event. If fueling event does not match a trip, then the closest date range comparison of the fuel event and trip will be used.