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We are seeking an individual to fill a Fleet Manager position on our team. This individual should have some prior transportation experience, be a clear communicator, and a team player. This position manages a fleet of professional drivers ensuring they have the knowledge and skills to safely, efficiently, and effectively provide industry-leading service to our customers while building relationships with drivers to promote longevity.

Essential Job Functions:
  • Manage a fleet of approx. 20 professional drivers
  • Coaching to performance metrics may include safety, on-time service, revenue per truck, amongst others while meeting company and customer expectations
  • Ensure regular training and safety need expectations are met
  • Professional verbal and written communication utilizing various technologies (i.e. Outlook, in-cab messaging, phone systems, etc.)
  • Enact efficient and creative plans to ensure safe and on-time service for customers, while allowing drivers their prescheduled time off
  • At times, work directly with our customers, accepting calls and taking orders via telephone and email
  • Professional interdepartmental communications to facilitate and collaborate on company goals
  • Troubleshoot daily challenges for both customers and your professional drivers
  • Manage payroll additions for professional drivers experiencing unexpected time off due to mechanical failures, customer challenges, and other potential delays
  • Confidentiality is an expectation of this position due to exposure to medical and payroll information
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