Bulk Liquid Divisions

There is a difference in whom you choose to transport your goods. Wynne Transport has over 50+ years of experience transporting liquid and compressed gas chemicals and petroleum products in bulk. We currently operate in all 48 states, Canada, and inter-line export to Mexico.  


Petroleum / Ethanol Division  

Wynne's petroleum/ethanol division operates regionally in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, South Dakota, Illinois, Wyoming and Colorado. We currently have satellite equipment based at many of the Midwest pipeline locations. Included in this fleet are approximately 85 306/406/407 aluminum tank trailers. Wynne is capable of transporting many diverse products including gasoline, fuel oil, ethanol, lube oils, aviation fuels, petroleum additives and many other products for both industrial and agricultural applications. You have our guarantee that your liquid bulk product will arrive safely and on time! 


Chemical / Solvent Division  

Operating nationwide transporting both hazardous and non-hazardous liquid commodities Wynne's chemical/solvent division is the largest portion of our fleet. Wynne has approximately 180 tank trailers of various types including insulated stainless steel, stainless steel and aluminum trailers designed to transport many different products. Whether your shipments require 406/407/312/412 type trailers, we have the right equipment available to meet your specific needs. 


Asphalt / Non Edible Division  

Our insulated aluminum trailer division operates throughout the mid-west transporting hot asphalt solutions, emulsions, inedible tallow, animal feeds and various other products. Included in this fleet are over 85 trailers. Wynne prides itself on dependably meeting the rigid transport delivery schedules required on most road construction jobs. We also believe in doing so at a competitive price. 


Pressure Division  

We can transport several compressed gas products including propane, butane and anhydrous ammonia. Much of our equipment is based at product loading facilities in Nebraska and Iowa. However we have shipped products throughout the United States. With over 35 MC331 compressed gas trailers included in our fleet we can meet your shipping requirements. 


Wynne is fast, safe and competitively priced!  Call our toll free number (800)-383-9330 for more information and free estimates! You can also request a quote online. 

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